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GDPR Notice and Privacy Policy

How we manage your data

The new data protection regulations come into effect 25/05/2018.  

As clinicians we are legally required to hold information about you for your care and treatment and are required to hold this information on you for a set period of time.  We are duty-bound through our Profession and from the HCPC regulations to hold and store this information responsibly, similarly to your GP, Dentist or other healthcare professional and are very aware of it's confidential nature. 

We do not ever share your information with third parties beyond sharing for medical necessity and when required for your care/treatment. This would be done with your consent, except in exceptional circumstances; for example, if an emergency situation arose.

However, we will have to gain your consent if you wish to receive an appointment reminder by text, email or phone.  

If you message the Clinic through our website or through the Clinic's Facebook page or Susan's profile/via Messenger, it will be answered by either the Podiatrist or Receptionist. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries and we'll do our best to help.